Buddhism and Violence

An interesting perspective.

Gerry Stribling's Buddhism for Tough Guys

There is a famous story in Buddhism about two monks, a young one and an old one, walking along a path when they encountered a river. The river was shallow enough to wade, but it was rocky and treacherous to cross. On the bank of the river sat an old, frail woman, who asked the monks if they could help her across.

Now, in the tradition of theses monks, they are never allowed to touch women. Even when they talk to each other, they stay pretty far apart. But the old monk told the woman to climb upon his back, and he piggy-backed her across the river. Once she was deposited on the far bank, the monks went on their way in silence.

But after awhile, the young monk was about to burst with indignation. “I can’t believe you did that!” the young monk scolded the older one. “You’ve been…

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