I am currently unwell. I have had a virus for several weeks, and it seems that either the virus is hanging on for longer than most, or I’ve developed post-viral fatigue.

It would be easy to bemoan my situation, but the fact is that I can do nothing about it at the moment. With that being the case, what’s the use in railing against it? Instead, I have to accept it and allow my body to heal itself as I obey the doctor’s orders and rest.

The silver lining is that even though my body is currently rather weak and fatigued, my mind is still able to focus. That means I am still able to meditate, and it also means that while I am unable to do much else, I have plenty of time to read and listen to recordings.

I am currently reading Ven. Bhikkhu Anālayo‘s commentary on the Satipatthana Sutta and listening to a series of teachings by Ven. Lekshay Sangpo on Vipassana meditation. Had I not been ill, I would have been in work and probably too busy to do justice to either of these. As I said, that’s the silver lining.

I still hope my health improves soon, though!


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