I have never really been much of a radio listener. I may listen to Radio Cymru occasionally in the car, but that’s about it.

Podcasts, though, are a very different story. I like being able to pick and choose what I listen to according to my own preferences and my own timing, rather than based on what a radio station decides to schedule for a particular time.

I listen to several Buddhist podcasts, among others. If anyone reading this is interested, these are well worth checking out:

The Secular Buddhist
A natural, pragmatic approach to early Buddhist teachings and practice,” as it says on the web site. Buddhism from a secular, Western standpoint.

Buddhist Geeks
Basic motivation: “How can we serve the convergence of Buddhism with rapidly evolving technology and an increasingly global culture?” Covers many various traditions of Buddhism.

Free Buddhist Audio
There are two podcasts here: a Dharma talks podcast and a “Dharmabytes” podcast which contains shorter teachings. Produced by the Triratna Buddhist Order.

Upaya Zen Center
Weekly Dharma talks, mostly from a Zen perspective.

Present Moment Mindfulness
Not a Buddhist podcast, strictly speaking, but still interesting. Produced by the same people who do the Secular Buddhist podcast, and there is a certain degree of crossover.

If you have any suggestions for good Buddhist podcasts that are worth a listen, please leave a comment on this post.



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