Silence is golden! Meditation and quiet.

Mind Chirp


It is amazing what wonders sitting still in silence can do! In just 15minutes your awareness triples. The minutest sound is detected by your ear, the smallest muscle ache is felt, and the normal background noise of thoughts takes centre stage in your mind. You realize the small things that make you restless, make you uneasy, and guide you down troubled paths. Shifting your thinking takes just as must, if not more, work than dedicated bodybuilders strengthening their muscles. Awareness is key! Why? Because we can notice what makes us ugly and what makes us beautiful. Then we can focus on replacing the bad with the good. Humans, particularly the the human mind, is extremely resilient. Before beginning meditation, or any activity for that matter, it is easy to give up by thinking that any achievement is impossible. Once you start seeing progress, you also notice your encouragement increase. Everyone…

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