I disagree with them, but that doesn’t mean I hate them.

So we now have a new government in the UK. A Conservative majority government, seemingly hell-bent on destroying public services, cutting back on benefits even for those who need them most, and selling off national assets for a short-term profit.

Those who know me will know that I am vocally and unashamedly left-wing in my politics. I am a socialist and a republican. I support independence for Wales and Scotland. I am very much anti-Tory and anti-monarchy, but this often means that people assume that I hate the Tories and the Royal Family. Such assumptions couldn’t be further from the truth.

Just to clarify: I don’t hate anyone as a person, not even David Cameron or the Queen.

I detest everything the Conservative Party stands for, and I hate the system of monarchy, but the individuals who represent those institutions are just human beings like the rest of us.

Just like us they are subject to birth, old age, sickness and death. Just like us they feel love and suffer loss. Just like us they deserve basic respect and dignity as human beings, even if their actions are sometimes reprehensible.

So although I would happily do anything legal to help get the monarchy abolished or to bring down the Conservative government, if I were to meet the Queen or David Cameron I would still treat them with respect, as fellow humans, even while disagreeing with them on fundamental issues. To do otherwise would say more about me than about them.


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