A blast from the past and a Tibetan speaking Welsh

Sunday evening is when the weekly drop-in meditation class for beginners happens at the Tibetan Buddhist centre. This evening there were more people there than usual,  because there had been a weekend retreat at which the Lama taught the Medicine Buddha sadhana. (I didn’t go to that because I haven’t yet formally taken refuge, but I’ll be speaking to Lama about that later in the week.)

Anyway, I was surprised and pleased to see a familiar face from the past there: my former therapist, who helped me through the worst of my mental illness and who was the person who first suggested to me that I try meditation. When I look at where following that path had led me so far, I feel a great amount of gratitude. It was good to see her again, if only to let her know that she changed my life.

Then,  at the end of the session, Lama wished us a good evening,  as he usually does. Nothing unusual about that,  but he did it in Welsh! As far as I’m aware I was the only actual Welsh-speaker present, but it was nice (if a little surreal) to hear my own language spoken by a Tibetan man!


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