Children in Buddhism

There’s something I’ve only really noticed recently about both Buddhist centres I attend (Karma Kagyu and Triratna): every time I’ve been there, I have only ever seen adults.

Where are the children in Western Buddhism?

I understand that children can sometimes be disruptive when you’re doing an activity that involves concentration, such as meditation or sadhanas, but are children just left out of Buddhist gatherings, or are they absent altogether?

I suppose that Buddhism in the West is still in its infancy in the sense that it has only comparatively recently become more widespread and visible. That being the case, most (if not all) Western Buddhists are adult converts, rather than people who have grown up as Buddhists. Even so, there must be some children around, surely?


One thought on “Children in Buddhism

  1. Plum Village have children. They are a community of Buddhists, so perhaps that’s why. Its leader/founder Thich Nhat Hahn also teaches children & has written books for children about meditation/mindfulness.


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