Mixed marriage

My wife is a wonderful woman.

We have been married for almost eleven years now. When we first got married we were both evangelical Christians, but since then I’ve changed my mind on a few things.

Firstly, several years ago now, I became an atheist and abandoned the religion in which I had been raised. Perhaps more importantly, I abandoned the religion that I had, up to that point, shared with my wife.

I will always be grateful to my wife that she didn’t let that have any kind of negative effect on our marriage.

When I told her I was a Buddhist, she hardly batted an eyelid. In fact, she wasn’t at all surprised. Once again, or marriage still holds strong.

Heck, she even set up a shrine for me using a small Buddha statue in our spare room so that I could have sonewhere tranquil and calm to meditate away from our two hyperactive dogs!

As I said, my wife is a wonderful woman. We may not share the same religious beliefs any more, but we have discovered that mutual love and respect are far more important.


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